Business growth follows many paths. Effectively advising growth-stage companies (whether in technology, retail, media, services, or heavy industrial segments) requires a combination of deep experience, strategic vision and a holistic understanding of the business and legal issues unique to growing companies. Regardless of the path to growth, the appropriate cost-effective intellectual property strategy is paramount.

Our firm partners with these growth-stage companies to provide ongoing, and often evolving, IP strategy that is appropriate for the company's industry sector, stage of maturity and fundraising plans.

We invest our time with great companies and great ideas, taking a practical, entrepreneurial approach to work with our clients from the true start-up stage through growth, maturity and, ultimately, exit.

Our Services

Our specific expertise includes the food and restaurant industry, retail products, manufacturers, marketers, app developers, software and technology-based services companies (SaaS), and many others. We understand the challenges and opportunities unique to start-up and growth-stage companies, and provide effective strategies for turning a great idea into a flourishing, sustainable business.

Our Clients

Our clients range from true “basement start-ups” to established businesses looking to expand. We represent companies in all sectors at every point in the growth stage. From formation through growth, we offer representation to innovative clients, including:

  • One of the country's fastest-growing fast casual restaurant concepts
  • A Columbus-based provider of premium ice creams with operations in four states
  • A well known retailer of vintage t-shirts and clothing accessories
  • A global company focused on wireless mobile buyback, data protection and hardware recycling
  • A family-owned business providing white-label food options for retailers and caterers
  • An innovative technology company offering technology- and social-based accessories in the health and wellness space

Contact Us

For more information on our services surrounding IP-driven growth strategies, please contact Steve Barsotti or Jeff Nein.