A clerkship at Kegler Brown is primarily designed to give our summer associates an authentic experience and to show them what it's like to practice at our firm. We focus on the long-term development of our summer associates instead of providing a task-based experience that offers only a limited view of what it really means to be a lawyer. Our summer program is designed to provide insights that will help you craft a meaningful practice— you'll become fully immersed into our team, work directly with our attorneys on client projects and learn what it means to build a career at Kegler Brown.

We look for candidates who not only meet our rigid selection standards, but also embody our entrepreneurial spirit and want to work in an environment that values individuality and the infusion of a positive culture into our day-to-day service delivery.


Like most other firms, we offer a formal mentoring program for our summer associates; but we believe that our informal mentoring process is even more valuable. When you work on a project, you'll receive productive feedback from our team members that will help you develop your skills and find your path to becoming a great lawyer.

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