Our Global Reach

Our Role as Global Project Managers

For our clients with global operations, we deliver a consistent, cohesive and coherent array of collaborative services that answer their business and legal needs at any time, in any location. Our vast experience serving as global project managers for multinational corporations, including several publicly traded companies locally and nationally, adds value to their dealings with legal service providers globally. This allows us to:

  • Implement a company-wide legal strategy with consistent policies
  • Simplify a company's legal project management approach
  • Reduce legal costs
  • Avoid duplication of effort across legal service providers
  • Eliminate communication disruptions and lengthy delays

Our Global Network of Law Firms

Over the last four decades, Kegler Brown has developed both a formal and an informal global alliance of independent law firms in major commercial centers around the world. Our alliance relationships are non-exclusive, so we work with the lawyers in each jurisdiction who are best able to serve the varying needs of our clients.

This makes our global reach not only broad, but flexible, so that it works seamlessly for our clients. In addition to our informal network of law firms, Kegler Brown is a founder of SCG-Legal, a worldwide network of more than 140 preeminent, independent law firms located in more than 450 global offices. We enhance our expertise and offerings by tapping into more than 11,500 attorneys around the world at any time.

Our Approach to Business

Kegler Brown digs deep to understand your business and uses that understanding to become a valuable part of your business team. We know that the role of lawyers should not be simply to interpret and understand the law, but to be a part of your risk management and project management teams, and advise on how the law can be properly utilized to achieve your business objectives. We add the most value by helping plan the strategies necessary to achieve your goals and then by assisting in implementing your strategic plans globally to a successful, efficient and cost-effective conclusion.