Our attorneys counsel numerous franchisor clients in navigating federal and state compliance obligations for offering and selling franchised businesses. Our services primarily focus on counseling franchisors in establishing and maintaining sustainable franchise businesses that adhere to stringent state and federal regulations. We also help to establish company best practices, implement risk management strategies, assist in negotiations with potential franchisees, advise franchisors on intellectual property protection and represent clients in all phases of franchise litigation.

Our Services

Our corporate franchising services address the full spectrum of needs for our clients:

  • Federal compliance: prepare federal franchise disclosure documents and other offering materials; best practices; comprehensive compliance programs
  • State registrations: register and tailor franchise disclosure documents according to state requirements; negotiation with regulatory agencies; comprehensive compliance programs
  • Franchisor representations: mediate franchisee relationships; understanding goodwill and intellectual property assets; deal negotiation; risk management; growth strategies
  • Franchisee representation: risks and rewards of franchise ownership; deal negotiation
  • Franchise litigation: defense of claims; alternative dispute resolution options; brand and intellectual property protection; intelligent contract clauses
  • Buying and selling franchises: franchisor and franchisee representation; negotiations for franchisee buy-outs and transfers
  • Business formation and structure: entity selection; corporate compliance

Our Clients

Our clients in this area rely on us to help them understand the regulatory pitfalls and corporate challenges that can arise in the course of running their businesses; we also serve as outside general counsel to many of these franchise clients.

Our client partners are primarily national in scope and are highlighted by restaurants and food service companies, an international franchisor of commercial retail pet stores, a regional business focused on educational services, and a well-known provider of consumer tanning, health and beauty products.

Contact Us

For more information on our corporate services for franchisors and franchisees, please contact Kacie N. Davis.