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Technology Licensing

The ideas and technologies created and nurtured by your business are not only a critical part of your core competency and competitive positioning; they also represent an opportunity for differentiation and tremendous growth in the value of your business. As part of our nationally recognized IP practice, which recently earned our firm acclaim from Corporate Counsel magazine as a “Go-To Law Firm” for intellectual property work in the U.S., our focused technology licensing practice works closely with your management and R&D teams to identify and capitalize on both in-bound and out-bound licensing opportunities. And our global platform and formal and informal strategic network of law firms around the world means the opportunities for growth are endless.

Our Services

  • Patent licensing
  • Software agreements
  • SaaS agreements
  • R&D and commercialization joint ventures
  • Copyright licensing
  • Trademark licensing

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For more information on our technology licensing services, please contact Steve Barsotti or Jeff Nein.