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Franchisee Representation

Entrepreneurs, investors and developers interested in building a business often choose to invest in a franchise, and that initial venture may lead to expanding into additional franchise locations. Because of their depth of knowledge of the franchisor system, our Franchise + Distribution team is uniquely experienced in assisting clients seeking a franchise, helping them achieve their goals and protect their investment.

Understanding the franchise agreement and disclosure documents is often a daunting task. However, it can be made much easier with help from our franchise attorneys. We’re able to navigate these dense agreements, reviewing and explaining them in easily-understandable language, and can also negotiate with franchisors on issues that affect our clients’ interests, such as franchise upgrades, renewal rights, post-agreement business ownership and other ambiguous legal protections. There are numerous other issues that our team can assist with when acquiring a franchise, such as financing, real estate, and employment laws.

Our Services

In order to help potential franchise owners realize their dream of business ownership, our team of franchising attorneys counsel numerous franchisee clients by providing analysis + advice on franchisee opportunities and by advising on a variety of related topics:

Our Clients

Franchisee clients may be looking to own a business for the first time, or may be experienced owners of franchised or non-franchised businesses. Their intention may be to open a single location of a local franchise, or to run multiple locations of a domestic or international franchise. Our experience with every aspect of the franchising process has benefited clients from a variety of industries, including food service, education, retail, and professional services sectors.

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Entrepreneurs, investors and developers interested in building a business through a franchised system should contact Kacie N. Davis.