Emerging Businesses

Startups + Formation

We help new and existing companies structure their businesses in a way that supports their unique needs. Projects range from a simple startup formation to complex real estate investment partnerships. Our team members have the breadth and depth of experience necessary to advise clients on issues like corporate governance, tax efficiency and funding vehicles when making entity selection decisions.

Our work with technology startups gives us unique insight into the complex issues that arise when a small company experiences rapid growth. And our long list of real estate development clients showcases our ability to create complex partnership structures that work from both a tax and a collaboration perspective among multiple owners with varied levels of interest in the overall enterprise.

Our Services

  • General structuring counsel: helping identify and target our clients’ unique business needs in order to recommend an overall corporate structure that best enables growth
  • Corporate governance structuring: considering the ownership, size, industry and lifecycle stage of a business in order to recommend a corporate structure that is flexible and fosters appropriate mechanisms for corporate controls
  • Tax structuring: enacting a thorough tax analysis, considering factors like capital structure, available tax incentives, profitability and long-term growth plans to recommend structuring that will minimize the overall tax bill
  • Fundraising structuring: positioning a company for growth, regardless of funding source (owner capital, bank debt, public or private equity raises), with the most flexible structure possible to accommodate fundraising needs and goals
  • Implementation: ensuring the project is implemented accurately and efficiently

Our Clients

The attorneys at Kegler Brown represent clients throughout all stages of the business lifecycle. For startups and emerging companies, we help with initial structuring and business formation and cover a wide variety of industries with a strong focus on the technology sector. We also work closely with companies facing a transaction. This involves evaluating the existing structure as the company contemplates future fundraising efforts, growth by acquisition, organic growth by expansion or sale to a third party.

Our firm’s work in this space is highlighted by our relationships with leaders in many industries nationwide, including real estate brokers, property management companies, commercialization businesses, food service providers, marketing and advertising agencies, and technology solutions providers.

Contact Us

For more information on our entity selection services, please contact Steve Barsotti.