Assisting new and existing companies with corporate tax compliance and incentives, our services range from compliance assistance for companies and their tax preparers to implementing a corporate restructuring in order to maximize corporate tax incentives. Our attorneys have also advised clients and tax preparers on issues like employee benefits and executive compensation, compliance support, corporate transaction review, audit support assistance, and controversies with tax authorities.

Our Services

  • Corporate restructuring: thorough tax analysis, considering factors like capital structure, available tax incentives, profitability, and long-term growth plans in order to minimize tax bills
  • Employee benefits and executive compensation: counseling clients and third-party administrators on qualified and non-qualified employee benefit plans (e.g. retirement, health and welfare, incentive equity, phantom equity, fringe benefits, etc.)
  • Audit and compliance support: counseling clients and tax preparers on issues like information reporting and withholding requirements, transfer pricing, availability of deductions and credits, and income recognition; obtaining private letter rulings or other guidance from the IRS to ensure compliance
  • Corporate transaction review: reviewing every transaction, regardless of size, for tax structuring and unintended tax consequences; working in conjunction with clients’ tax preparers to review acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, private placements of equity, and refinancing to analyze tax effects and facilitate client goals
  • Controversies with tax authorities: guiding clients from audit through the appeals process; ensuring fair treatment under the tax code
  • Implementation of tax incentives: setting up and reorganizing corporate structures to capitalize on available tax incentives

Our Clients

The attorneys at Kegler Brown represent companies from small to large, new to seasoned, and from a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Startup and emerging companies: helping with initial structuring for maximized tax efficiency; providing services like corporate structuring, employee benefits and executive compensation, and implementation of tax incentives
  • Clients under audit: services ranging from simple compliance advice to audit counseling to full-scale representation during a tax appeal process
  • Companies facing a transaction: assisting with a tax review of the transaction; corporate structuring following the transaction; implementation or transfer of employee benefits or executive compensation plans in connection with the transaction
  • Plan sponsors: defending sponsors of ERISA plans against benefit claims in qualified and non-qualified retirement plan arrangements and welfare benefit plan arrangements

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For more information on our corporate tax services, please contact Chuck Kegler.