Case Studies

Multi-Million-Dollar Jury Verdict in Traumatic Brain Injury Case

In a case that involved a bus vs. bicycle accident, the initial police report cited our client, the bicyclist, for numerous violations. Despite the report, our attorneys were confident that the bus driver was at fault for the accident because he did not allow enough distance when passing the bicycle. To establish the case against the bus driver, we hired a biking expert, a bus driving expert, an accident reconstructionist, and numerous damage experts. The case proceeded to an eight-day jury trial and our client, who had suffered a traumatic brain injury, received a multi-million-dollar award. Although this case was originally declined by numerous firms because attorneys saw little hope of achieving a favorable jury verdict, our lawyers used creative strategies and relied on competent experts to successfully represent our client.

$1M Insurance Policy Limit Awarded in Truck Accident

In a case involving an 18-year-old girl, who pulled her vehicle in front of a truck resulting in the deaths of her two brothers and substantial injuries to herself and her sister, the Ohio State Highway Patrol filed a 45-page report putting the girl at fault. The family went to multiple attorneys and could find no one interested in handling the case. The team at Kegler Brown felt confident in the case and hired a private investigator, who found that the truck involved in the accident had a black box underneath it, similar to an airplane. From that information, we were able to determine how fast the truck driver was going when he first hit his brakes. Our team then sought out a Harvard physicist to validate the calculations and determine that if he had been going the speed limit the accident could have been avoided. After creating a demand package and submitting it to the insurance company, we were able to settle the case for the policy limits of $1 million.

$400,000 Award Granted to Family in Elderly PI Accident

Our client, a 96-year-old woman, passed away after a nine-day hospital stay after being hit by a vehicle that ran a stop sign. The tortfeasor had $300,000 in insurance and our client had an underinsured policy worth $100,000. The insurance adjuster argued that based on her age, they would not be able to come near the policy limits. However, our attorneys were able to help award our client’s beneficiary the full amount of our client’s policy, along with the full policy limit from the tortfeasor’s insurance company, totaling $400,000. Although unusual to receive this amount for a 96-year-old individual, our attorneys were able to accomplish this by interviewing the family and painting a very detailed and compelling picture of how active she was and how important she was to the family.