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Inbound Investment

Lawyers at Kegler Brown help clients outside the U.S. identify and procure the local, state and federal economic incentives that will advance their business goals. We understand how important state-funded incentives are to your business growth strategy, but unlike many firms, we also pay close attention to local community incentives. Our attorneys assist clients in organizational structuring and in site selection with the goal of minimizing regulatory headaches.

We have extensive experience identifying and negotiating tax credits, tax abatements, conduit (state-backed) financing for sales-tax-exempt construction of private projects, government-funded cash incentives for developments and government-backed low-interest development loans.

Our holistic approach to exploring tax credits and economic incentives ensures that each client realizes maximum return on investment on their inbound investment projects.

Our Services

  • Economic incentives: negotiating economic incentives with state and local agencies and economic development entities to identify and negotiate incentive packages for new businesses, growing businesses or new Ohio investments
  • Site selection: identifying the appropriate geographic location and community for new facilities, paying particular attention to local community incentives; coordinating investments with community planning, zoning and other local regulatory requirements
  • Entity structuring: providing advice on key issues pertaining to establishing the appropriate entity and related structures for facilitating inbound investments and for ongoing operations in the U.S.
  • Tax structuring: advising on all phases of taxation and structuring, including individual, corporate, general and limited partnership, limited liability company, and estate and trust taxation; permanent establishment and transfer pricing issues; deferred and other methods of executive compensation (e.g. qualified pension, profit sharing, salary reduction, employee stock ownership plans and related ERISA matters); counseling clients regarding the Commercial Activity Tax (CAT Tax) and with respect to laws governing state sales practices, personal property, real property, franchises and public utilities
  • Grant application, negotiation and compliance: representing companies applying for and implementing both private and public sourced grant funds
  • Acquisition: providing advice on the identification, diligence, negotiation and consummation of inbound acquisitions; greenfield expansions; brownfield operations

Our Clients

Our inbound investment clients range in size from small family-owned businesses looking to expand into Ohio to large global companies looking for experts to help manage projects worldwide. Our key clients include a UK-based manufacturer of consumer goods with operations in Ohio, a leading provider of business intelligence solutions for the health care industry and an Ohio-based provider of statistical and analytical consulting services.

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For more information on our services surrounding inbound investments, please contact Vinita Mehra.