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Franchise Growth + Launch

The process of starting a business, expanding from a few company units and developing a sophisticated franchised business takes a great deal of strategic planning and hard work. It also requires navigating the complex federal and state regulatory framework. That’s why our lawyers work closely with our franchisor clients to prepare and launch their franchise operations. With an emphasis on compliance from the start, we help our clients evaluate whether franchising is the best model to achieve their specific business goals, and either lead the preparation of mandated disclosures or explore alternatives for growth.

We’ve become a resource to franchised businesses because our focus is on our clients’ goals. Not only do we help structure the business for compliance, but our attorneys understand that running a franchise is an entirely different type of business that requires new demands on our clients’ time and capital. We take the time to fully frame the blueprint in which their franchise system can operate.

Our Services

Our franchising growth + launch services address a wide spectrum of needs for our clients:

  • Business Analysis: Advising on whether and how to structure a business to best fit the franchise model; advising on training methods for replication and consistency
  • Compliance Education: Teaching franchisors what is and is not permissible; building an infrastructure to remain compliant
  • Compliance + Registration: Preparing federal disclosure documents; facilitating the state registration process; ensuring continued compliance + registration updates; managing ongoing risk evaluation + mitigation
  • Negotiation: Leading the negotiation of contracts with potential developers and franchisees

Our Clients

Our most successful franchise clients have developed business models with the potential for replication. The scope of our clients’ intended growth varies from local, to regional, to national, to international. Our experience with every aspect of the franchising process has benefited clients from a variety of industries, including food service, education, retail, and professional services sectors.

Alternatives to Franchising

Because we’re interested in finding the most effective plan to match each client’s specific goals, we recognize that sometimes franchising is not what every business needs. We analyze our clients’ business models and work closely with them to determine what they want for their individual growth footprint. From there, we find efficient strategies to grow their business in a way that best suits their individual goals.

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