Leaves of Absence and the Ohio BWC

Brendan offers employers, executives and managers multi-dimensional expertise in matters involving leaves of absence and the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). Ohio has a unique relationship between leaves of absence and BWC matters, which call for an attorney who offers not only a complete understanding of workers’ compensation, but also practical knowledge of employment law matters, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), among many others. Brendan guides employers through the maze of often conflicting laws to support managers to effectively deal with their day-to-day human resource challenges.

In Ohio, because workers’ compensation plans are typically state-funded, businesses experience constantly fluctuating premiums, which can be challenging for Ohio-based companies and maddening for multi-state employers with Ohio operations. In an atmosphere where change is the norm, the Ohio BWC is considered particularly challenging for the national employer community and has been known to inflict serious consequences for employer missteps. As a result, the specific experience of legal counsel retained truly matters – and Brendan is known for consistently providing solutions that not only mitigate litigation, but also support compliance and minimize risk.

As a director in Kegler Brown’s employment law practice, Brendan knows first-hand what it takes to properly analyze the many dimensions of these claims. Many law firms and employment lawyers offer their clients expertise in either workers’ compensation or leaves of absence. Brendan provides the ability to advise on both of these substantive areas of employment law, resulting in greater efficiencies for clients across the full scope of their organizational practices.

Brendan is highly adept at reviewing medical reports and navigating clients beyond the workers’ compensation hearing process in Ohio. A veteran in all aspects of employee relations, he is also known for his effective advocacy in workers’ compensation defense, particularly throughout the administrative hearing process and before the Ohio courts of common pleas, courts of appeal and before the Ohio Supreme Court.