Non-Competition Agreements

Brendan Feheley knows what it takes to draft clear, fair and enforceable non-competition agreements. A seasoned and savvy employment lawyer and director in Kegler Brown’s Employment Law practice, Brendan is frequently called upon to negotiate and draft a wide variety of non-competition agreements for employers participating in a multitude of industries. Brendan offers clients actual solutions when it comes to these competition issues, and those solutions are grounded in both personal and historical firmwide experience.

Brendan and the Kegler Brown team remain in front of the learning curve when representing employers, and, on occasion, individuals, in non-competition disputes. Brendan has successfully negotiated and defended the full scope of these transactions. As a result, he understands how non-competition matters are viewed by the courts, resulting in superior representation and service. Not only does Brendan understand the law, but he also consistently seeks to understand the value of the employee both within the organization and industry sector, which is often the most critical component to defending these agreements in litigation.

Every employer requires a custom approach to addressing non-competition questions of enforceability. Brendan works tirelessly to answer these questions, and to ensure that his client’s position is geographically and durationally reasonable and only as broad as necessary to remain enforceable. Brendan is also known for devising agreements that are fair to all parties involved, another critical aspect of enforcing covenants not to compete.

Brendan’s focus remains constant – to protect his client’s investment and to promote agreements where both the employee and the company thrive. As a result, clients continue to depend on Brendan’s forward-thinking approach to talent acquisition and retention.