At Kegler Brown, we believe that diversity drives innovation, and that people thrive and do their best work in an environment where they can bring their full, authentic selves to work.

Our mission is to create an environment that reflects the diversity of culture, thought, and background of the community in which we work and live. We strive to foster an inclusive culture where every person is empowered to freely share their ideas, experiences, and beliefs. Kegler Brown is a place where every member of the firm has a deep sense of pride, passion, and belonging.

To further our mission, Kegler Brown and its Diversity + Inclusion Committee focus on the following five areas:

  • Recruitment: Target and hire highly qualified, diverse individuals.
  • Retention: Advocate for the advancement of diverse individuals within the firm, and ensure equal opportunities and fair treatment for all firm members.
  • Development: Promote the professional development of diverse individuals within the firm and in our community through sponsorship of and participation in organizations and events that promote diversity in the profession.
  • Engagement: Celebrate different backgrounds and cultures, facilitate the sharing of unique experiences and perspectives, and encourage everyone to engage with and challenge others’ ideas and beliefs to reach better solutions.
  • Evaluation: What gets measured gets done. We track and analyze the impact of the firm’s recruitment, retention, development, and awareness efforts.

Managing Partners' Diversity Initiative

As a charter member of the Columbus Bar Association’s Diversity Initiative, Kegler Brown works with other local law firms, local law schools and the bar to significantly increase the number of diverse attorneys recruited, hired and promoted by our firm. Through this initiative, our firm is helping to make a positive change in the demographics of Columbus law firms.

The Women's Collaborative

When Kegler Brown established The Women's Collaborative in 2000, we set out to empower our female attorneys in every aspect of their lives. From professional development and client advocacy to mentoring and personal growth, we’re proud of the leadership roles our attorneys have taken in the community. Wherever you look, you will find the women of Kegler Brown raising the bar in the courtroom, the board room and in our neighborhoods.