A Focus on Cuba

Born in Havana and a native Spanish speaker, Luis holds both American and Cuban citizenship. His intimate knowledge of the Cuban sociopolitical landscape and his practical business and legal experience in the United States and globally have molded his unique perspective on U.S.-Cuba relations. Luis continues to be a proactive advocate for unrestricted diplomatic and economic relations between the countries, regularly traveling to Cuba and speaking frequently on issues related to Cuba and the Latin American market.

With a particular emphasis on Cuba's evolving economic model and new foreign investment structure, Luis closely studies Cuba's legal system and the impact it has on the country's social and economic development. For many years, Luis has been focused on discussing the benefits that foreign investment, international trade and economic development could potentially have on both countries.

Since the recent political and economic openings in Cuba, Luis has worked with foreign investors on a variety of projects in Cuba and the Special Development Zone of Mariel. The diversity of the projects range from manufacturing to alternative energy and the arts. Luis is well versed in the complexities of Cuba’s legal, economic and political system, including Cuba’s dual monetary policies, and the complexities of foreign investment in Cuba. For a number of years Luis has organized cultural and business focused group trips to Cuba and led Ohio's first agricultural trade mission to Cuba for meetings with its foreign and commerce ministries, Alimport and the Cuban Chamber of Commerce. He continues to organize trips to Cuba for friends and firm clients looking to learn about Cuba and investments in Cuba. Luis has participated in legal seminars in Havana with the National Union of Cuban Jurists, has obtained various licenses from OFAC and has provided counsel to a variety of U.S.-based clients on Cuba-related activities authorized by U.S. law.

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