From sweepstakes and drawings to contests and giveaways, we advise our clients on how to create promotions that can be run seamlessly in real life or via social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. This type of gaming, which is not considered gambling, is restricted by the Federal Trade Commission, by individual states and agencies, and by social media guidelines. Our clients rely on us to help them create national promotions that are fully compliant with all relevant governing bodies.

Our Services

  • Idea vetting: guiding a gaming operation to ensure operation is not defined as gambling
  • Jurisdiction analysis: ascertaining compliance issues on the state level
  • Terms of use: creating and drafting conditions that control the promotion and its liabilities
  • Online media advice: adhering to site-specific (e.g. Facebook or PayPal) promotional restrictions

Our Clients

We work closely with a variety of non-gaming companies wishing to generate publicity or engage customers through promotional giveaways and contests. Any type of for-profit company wishing to interact with its customers through promotions can benefit from our specialized expertise. We have partnered with clients on developing chance-based sweepstakes and skill-based contests, including those in a social media context (e.g. “The best tweet about why you love this product wins!”).

Contact Us

For more information on our promotional gaming services, please contact Robert Dove.