We help clients identify and procure the local, state and federal economic incentives that will most effectively advance their business goals. We appreciate how important state-funded incentives can be to your process; we also recognize the advantages that come with many often-overlooked local community incentives.

Our representation of both private clients and local economic development entities puts our firm in a unique position to think creatively about both perspectives. Our clients in economic and community development roles benefit from our years of experience in identifying economic development drivers and catering to private party needs. Our private clients benefit from our understanding of the economic incentive process and its limitations—an understanding that has grown from years spent representing economic development interests.

Our Services

  • Economic incentive identification and negotiation: working with local and state agencies and economic development entities to identify and negotiate incentive packages for new and growing businesses and new Ohio investments
  • Site selection strategies: identifying the best geographic location and community for new facilities, paying particular attention to local community incentives in addition to state-funded incentives
  • Tax structuring: identifying optimal structures to execute business strategies in the most cost-effective way
  • Grant application, negotiation and compliance: representing companies applying for and implementing both privately and publicly sourced grant funds

Our Clients

  • Startups and growth-stage companies: identifying public and private funding sources to maximize growth potential; representing startups throughout the lifecycle stages, from idea to incubator to pre-seed funding and beyond
  • Companies looking to locate new operations in Ohio
  • Expanding Ohio companies: identifying grants, tax incentives and other public financing options to help mature Ohio companies grow

Contact Us

For more information on our tax credits and economic incentives services, please contact Rusty Schuermann.