We assist our clients in complying with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) regulations and defend against OSHA-issued citations. In addition to claim defense, we carefully craft compliant policies for our clients and conduct OSHA training for their management teams and employees.

Recent experience includes defense of a construction client against 11 OSHA citations; of the original 11 citations, 10 were ultimately vacated, withdrawn or reclassified, and penalty fines were reduced from more than $125,000 to less than $5,000. Because we can quickly identify any weaknesses of the citations and present a compelling and effective argument for their dismissal, oftentimes citations issued against our clients are entirely withdrawn at the informal settlement conference.

Our Services

  • Policy creation and modification: creating safety policies that are compliant with OSHA regulations and consistent with our clients’ goals
  • OSHA citation defense: defending employers throughout the entire OSHA citation process, from the initial investigation through the informal conference and, if necessary, through trial; advising on best practices to successfully manage an OSHA investigation and any citations that arise
  • OSHA training: training in various areas related to occupational safety and health, including navigating OSHA investigations and creating and implementing necessary safety policies; training on the potential impact of OSHA citations and best practices to maximize safety in the workplace

Our Clients

We strive to provide pertinent advice regarding the regulations of each client’s specific workplace. Our OSHA clients are companies of all sizes across a variety of industries and we maintain a wealth of experience representing businesses in the areas of food service, construction, hospitality and manufacturing.

Our most notable OSHA clients include a utility construction and network installation provider with 20 offices nationwide and a leading construction and maintenance company that provides the energy industry with safe, quality and reliable services.

Contact Us

For more information on our workplace safety and training services or for assistance in interacting with OSHA, please contact Brendan Feheley.