Taking a holistic approach, we help our clients identify and secure capital for a wide range of needs. There are a number of sources from which to procure the money your business needs in order to operate effectively; we understand the importance of looking to each of those sources with an impartial view toward what’s most valuable to you and your business. We’ll help you evaluate the relative risk and cost associated with available funding sources, and once you’ve selected a source, we can advise you across the spectrum of regulatory agencies – from securities regulation and regulatory bodies to tax credit and incentive-granting agencies to local government and economic development entities.

Through our representation of startups, angels, investment funds, mature private companies, and publicly traded companies, we've gained an uncommon perspective regarding all phases of a company’s lifecycle. We not only understand where your company is and where it’s come from, we've got the expertise necessary to help you get where you want to go.

Our Services

  • Private placements and fundraising
  • Economic incentives: working with local and state agencies and economic development entities to identify and negotiate incentive packages for new and growing businesses and new Ohio investments
  • Incentive-driven site selection strategy: advising clients in early-stage planning and negotiation with local and regional authorities for tax credits, public funding and other incentives
  • Tax structuring: identifying optimal structures to execute business strategies in the most cost-effective way
  • Grant application, negotiation and compliance: representing companies applying for and implementing both privately and publicly sourced grant funds

Our Clients

We serve a multitude of growth-focused clients that have the following needs:

  • Startups and growth-stage companies: identifying public and private funding sources to maximize growth potential; representing startups throughout the lifecycle stages, including idea, incubator, pre-seed funding and beyond
  • Companies looking to locate new operations in Ohio
  • Expanding Ohio companies: identifying grants, tax incentives and other public financing options to help mature Ohio companies grow

Contact Us

For more information on our services for growth-seeking companies, please contact Steve Barsotti.