Health Care

PPACA Compliance

Employers and health care providers alike are concerned about the evolving mandates and regulations surrounding health care. Our team of health care attorneys works closely with our ERISA team to review and interpret the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for our clients.

Attorneys in our practice advise health care providers about new requirements outlined in the Affordable Care Act, and counsel employers seeking to understand what provisions of the Affordable Care Act apply to their business and how to remain in compliance with the changing regulations.

Our Services

We assist clients in understanding their obligations under the Affordable Care Act. This typically includes:

  • Contract negotiation and review: contract review and revision to accommodate new mandates around health care value and quality for care providers, hospitals and payers; quality metrics definition
  • Employer compliance: determining "large employer" designation; identifying all applicable mandates; insurance program affordability assessment; minimum essential coverage testing

Our Clients

Our clients include businesses and practitioners of all sizes in all areas of health care delivery and management, including:

  • Individual physicians and practice groups: advising physicians in the process of reviewing and revising employment contracts on quality and value mandates
  • Small employers: confirmation of "small employer" status under the Affordable Care Act; applicable provisions
  • Large employers: compliance with mandates to provide affordable, minimum, essential coverage to full-time employees; determining what meets applicable tests and which employees qualify as "full-time"

Contact Us

For more information on our services related to the Affordable Care Act, please contact Ralph Breitfeller or Tom Sigmund.