Kegler Brown Announces Achievement of Mansfield Certification

Kegler Brown is proud to announce that our firm has achieved Mansfield Certification!

As mentioned last year, as part of a continuing commitment to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion at the firm, Kegler Brown engaged in the Midsize Mansfield Rule Certification process. Awarded by Diversity Lab, the Mansfield Certification measures the structural changes and steps the firm has taken over the past year to ensure our paths to leadership – including lateral hiring, client pitch teams, promotions, appointments, and more – are open and transparent to all qualified lawyers.

Advancement processes and leadership role descriptions at the firm are now written, transparent, and accessible. This high level of transparency is part of a larger effort we’re undertaking through Mansfield to broaden the slate of talent considered for opportunities. We’ve undergone this effort alongside other top-tier firms and with the support of our clients and the legal departments that are also participating in Mansfield nationally. Like them, we remain dedicated to opening the door wider to all qualified lawyers through the ups and downs of market fluctuations and the ebb and flow of political discourse.

Why This Matters to Our Firm + Clients

Mansfield’s processes seek to ensure equal opportunity and access to leadership roles. The focus is on opening the door wider and ensuring that opportunities for advancement are inclusive of everyone. Mansfield takes a behavioral science approach that embeds accountability, transparency, and knowledge sharing into our talent practices. We know that with diverse leadership comes more inclusive and equitable decisions that reflect the needs of our entire workforce for the benefit of our employees and clients.

What We Do in Practice

What does this mean for our firm? Whenever our leaders make decisions about whom to appoint or elect to leadership roles, such as practice area chairs or various committee members, we include lawyers who are historically underrepresented in law. The same inclusive decision-making process occurs when we build client pitch teams.

This process does not exclude anyone; it ensures that the talent pipeline includes additional qualified talent. The Mansfield framework helps us take an inclusive, structured, and data-driven approach to leadership advancement—and ensure the approach is consistent across offices and practice groups. This intentionality benefits everyone.

Proof That It’s Working

As shown by this extensive analysis by two data science professors featured in a recent American Lawyer article, having an equitable advancement process helps diversify leadership at firms that continue to follow Mansfield’s principles long-term.

Kegler Brown is pleased to have reached this significant milestone. Our managing director, Chris Weber, affirmed our steadfast commitment to fostering an inclusive environment that mirrors the rich tapestry of culture, perspectives, and backgrounds within our community. The rigorous certification process has not only provided us with valuable insights to track our metrics, but has also facilitated the implementation of robust procedures. These measures are instrumental in fortifying our dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion, enabling us to take substantive strides towards diversifying leadership within our law firm. We will continue to build teams that reflect the diversity of our clients and communities while providing exceptional service.

If you are interested in learning more about our Mansfield participation, please contact Chris Weber or Robert Dove.

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