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Internet Gaming

When it comes to the complicated – and often confusing – world of online gaming and gambling, it’s important to have reliable, knowledgeable experts in your corner. Our firm helped break the digital barrier into online charitable gaming, working with an Ohio-based charity to translate a raffle fundraiser into a permissible online environment.

We work closely with our clients to create the legal groundwork needed for an online gaming operation. Internet gaming encompasses any player-versus-player (PvP) context where participants are wagering on the game’s outcome. Currently, we can't advise clients on wagers on games of chance – like online poker or online casinos – because they are not permitted in Ohio or most other U.S. jurisdictions.

Our Services

  • Idea vetting: guiding a gaming operation to ensure outcome is skill-based, not determined by chance
  • Jurisdiction analysis: ascertaining compliance issues on the state level
  • Terms of use: creating and drafting conditions between operator and players
  • Interaction with regulatory agencies
  • Online charity fundraisers

Our Clients

From website operators looking to enable wagers on PvP games to charitable organizations looking to expand their fundraising presence online, our clients include any group planning to conduct online gaming activities that are already lawful in real-world scenarios.

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For more information on our internet gaming services, please contact Robert Dove. You can also learn more by visiting, our free resource for Ohio gaming updates and insight.