Health Care

HIPAA + Privacy

Health care providers are held to strict regulations. Our team of health care attorneys assists clients (covered entities and business associates, for example) in drafting privacy policies and forms, addressing potential breaches and contracting with other entities to ensure that all policies and related documents fit the unique situation and the individual needs of each and every client.

Our Services

  • Contract drafting and review: advising clients who have been asked to sign business associate agreements; drafting business associate agreements for clients’ use with service partners
  • Response to potential security breaches: advice when protected health information may have been compromised; reviewing whether there has been a breach in security; determining whether reporting or remedial steps should be taken
  • Preparation of privacy policies and forms: drafting privacy policies and associated forms; staff training for management and employees
  • Review of subpoenas and other record requests: in cases of personal injury litigation, disability disputes and workers’ compensation claims, reviewing requests for patient records to determine compliance with applicable privacy regulations; in cases of noncompliance, assistance contacting and counseling the requesting party

Our Clients

Our health care clients fall into two general categories: the first is healthcare providers needing to protect sensitive medical information. This group requires policies and procedures, training and advice on how to respond to requests for information. We also work with businesses that serve those health care providers, primarily by providing data collection, storage and aggregation services.

Our clients include:

  • Medical practices and clinics
  • Pharmacies
  • Wellness program providers
  • Health care service companies

Contact Us

For more information on our HIPAA and health care privacy services, please contact Rebecca Roderer Price.