Medical Marijuana

It’s official. Ohio voters will decide on November 3rd whether to “legalize” recreational and medical marijuana, also known as Issue 3. The big question is how any such change will impact Ohio employers. Below you will find articles, presentations and checklists that provide insight into what employers need to do now in order to prepare for “legal” medical or recreational marijuana in Ohio and will answer all of your questions (or at least the most important ones).

Don’t Think Your Vote Counts on Issue 3? Think Again

Voter turnout for the November 3, 2015, election is expected to be very low. What does that mean? Out of the nearly 8 million registered electors in Ohio, the expectation is that only between 2.5 and 4 million voters (roughly 31%-50%) will decide the outcome of Issue 3. Sadly, this is typical of elections in which there are no statewide or national candidates on the ballot. But the margin of victory in the four states that have legalized marijuana (see chart) compared to Ohio’s voting population should motivate you to educate yourself on the issues and vote between now and 7 p.m. on November 3.

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