Startups + Growth Equity

Steve is recognized for his ability to build effective connections between growth-focused enterprises and investors to drive business. Serving as legal counsel for dynamic startups and small and emerging businesses is a core focus of Steve's legal practice. And his extensive experience working in this area enhances his ability to serve these clients as more than just a legal advisor.

For Growing Businesses

Steve is called upon to work with clients on their pre-fundraising strategy, which often includes grooming the company and its owners for structuring successful and legally sound capital raises from potential equity investors. Because capital is often the most critical factor in achieving short- and long-range goals, clients benefit from Steve's experience with venture and angel funds, private equity investors and from his personal relationships with public and private incentive-granting representatives. These associations have proven to be a critical factor in leading his client’s development endeavors.

Steve offers a proven ability to work closely with the deal team, including tax and accounting advisors, and risk management, financial and wealth management professionals. His success is due in part to his ability to facilitate collaboration and communication throughout the life of a deal. Understanding the language and the landscape of these transactions is Steve's strength, and his people skills consistently create tangible value for his clients.

In addition to working with clients to launch their commercial ventures, Steve serves as ongoing and outside general counsel to emerging and high-growth companies on the array of management, expansion and development initiatives they face on a day-to-day basis. A sampling of which includes:

  • Equity capital and other financing options through private, angel and institutional investors
  • Debt financing and recapitalizations
  • Company structuring options and tax planning
  • Securities compliance, including the preparation of disclosure materials and applicable regulatory filings
  • Structuring equity-based employee incentive plans

For Equity Investors

On the investor side, Steve works closely with a diverse range of investors and funds on planning, executing and maximizing their investments in emerging businesses, including strategic legal analysis regarding:

  • The long-term viability of a target company as an investment
  • Pre-deal strategic planning and structuring of proposed investments
  • Preparation and negotiation of complex financial and equity investment agreements
  • State and federal regulatory compliance