With the spike in claims since the economic downturn began, many states have been faced with exceptionally high unemployment debt owed to the federal government. Until that debt has been repaid, employers must pay higher unemployment compensation costs and federal taxes that escalate each year. As experts in national unemployment compensation laws, we conduct comprehensive reviews of state unemployment insurance laws; our goal is to create a unique set of recommendations for reforming the law and returning the states’ unemployment insurance trust fund to a position of strength and solvency.

Many of the largest and most influential national business trade associations recognize our clients – and the publications we produce for them – as national experts in unemployment and workers’ compensation issues.

Our Services

We offer monthly tracking and reporting on legislation introduced in all 50 states related to topics ranging from unemployment and workers’ compensation to employment laws and insurance. In addition, we conduct a comprehensive review of state unemployment insurance laws. The goal is to create a unique set of recommendations related to state UI trust fund solvency and debt repayment, re-employment and workforce training initiatives, UI system integrity, affordability of UI benefits and employer taxes, as well as for general administrative best practices.

Our Clients

Our clients, typically national trade associations and chambers of commerce based in Washington D.C. and across the country, utilize our services for unemployment and workers’ compensation and general human resources issues. Our client roster includes:

  • Statewide business trade associations and coalitions: working with business coalitions, legislative leaders and statewide elected officials to make recommended reforms to state unemployment compensation systems
  • UWC Strategy, Inc.: recognized as the foremost experts in unemployment and workers’ compensation issues in the nation among private and public entities alike. Our work includes reporting on and advocating for unemployment and workers’ compensation issues for this national organization, and providing monthly and annual reports on significant law changes in all 50 states, as well as Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Contact Us

For more information on our state unemployment compensation solvency and reform services, please contact Tony Fiore.