CBA New Lawyer Training

Columbus Bar Association

Ohio lawyer ethics attorneys Jason Beehler and Chris Weber presented this “New Lawyer Training” to the Columbus Bar Association on December 15, 2015. This comprehensive program covered the full range of topics related to lawyers and the practice of law. The 222-slide show addresses myriad topics, including:

Historical Evolution of the Lawyer’s Role

  • Public Perception of Lawyers
  • Lawyer Perceptions of Other Lawyers


  • Lawyers’ Creed
  • Aspirational Ideals

The Professionalism-Ethics Continuum

  • Tacky Advertising
  • Deposition Dos + Don’ts

Law Firm Management

  • Engagement Letter Best Practices
  • Issues with Dual Representation
  • Fee Sharing Between Firms
  • Doing Business with Clients
  • Declining Representation
  • Client Communications
  • Withdrawing Representation
  • Management of Non-Lawyers
  • Direct Solicitation + Business Development
  • Managing Client Funds + Trust Accounts

The Ohio Lawyer Disciplinary Process

  • Overview of the System
  • Protecting a Law License
  • Forms of Discipline