2021 Ethics Webinar Series

As part of our 2021 Ethics Webinar Series, Chris presented at the Columbus Bar Association on October 23, the Akron Bar Association on October 27, the Toledo Bar Association on October 28, and at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law on November 7.

During his presentations, Chris covered three distinct topics. First, he delved into "Decision Points: A Review of Recent Ethics Rulings," wherein he highlighted pivotal cases illustrating ethical responsibilities and cautioned against common pitfalls. Following that, Chris shifted his focus to "Ethical Responsibilities Regarding Non-Lawyer Assistants," discussing the proper guidance and supervision of non-attorney professional staff while exploring the ethical dimensions of their employment. Lastly, in "Ethics in a Social Media World," Chris provided a comprehensive guide to navigating social media professionally, addressing advertising, relationships, and confidentiality issues, and shedding light on common problems specific to widely-used social media platforms, all while sharing real-world examples of legal mishaps from across the nation.