A key part of our emerging business practice is devoted to the structuring and negotiation of commercialization partnerships, including joint ventures and licensing arrangements between technology companies, educational and research institutions, and governmental agencies.

Our firm has served as U.S. counsel for a leading global online retailer in negotiation of its joint venture with a major e-commerce company to enter the U.S. market. We have also played a key role in transactions involving cutting-edge R&D efforts for alternative fuels, and negotiating licenses with several private and public universities for “spin-off” companies formed to commercialize the universities’ IP.

Our Services

  • Joint venture structuring: assisting in the structuring and mapping of joint venture partnerships from proof of concept through commercialization
  • License negotiation: negotiating licenses with R&D institutions, including commercial enterprise, educational and nonprofit research centers, to help bring products to market

Our Clients

  • Joint ventures: companies looking for a development or marketing partner to prove a concept and bring a product to market
  • Licensees: companies looking to license IP from research institutions to bring products to market
  • Research institutions: institutions looking to license and commercialize their dormant IP
  • Startups: representing companies from the idea stage through the incubator stage through pre-seed funding and continuing through the entire lifecycle
  • Growth companies: candidates for joint venture, joint development and licensing arrangements

Contact Us

For more information on our services regarding commercialization partnerships, please contact Steve Barsotti.