Functioning as the external lobbyist compliance department for our clients, we provide lobbying advice and assist them in complying with the complex registration and reporting obligations for all 50 states and at the federal level. We handle these responsibilities for lobbyists who are employees of our clients, as well as independent contract lobbyists who have been appointed by our clients. We regularly track lobbying laws across the country, including with the federal government, providing a cost-effective solution for multi-state lobbying compliance in the U.S.

Our Services

We provide lobbying compliance counsel and assist in complex registration and reporting obligations by:

  • coordinating with in-house lobbyists and local contract lobbyists to gather information for lobbyist disclosure reports
  • preparing and coordinating the filing of lobbyist and employer/lobbyist principal reports
  • electronically filing employer/lobbyist principal reports
  • preparing and filing lobbyist and employer/lobbyist principal registrations
  • providing advice on activity relating to lobbyist registration thresholds
  • providing advice on permissible lobbyist activity, expenditures and political contributions
  • seeking clarification from state agencies and commissions regarding new and existing rules
  • interpreting and communicating changes in lobbying laws
  • acting as a single point of contact for state agencies and commissions on all lobbyist and lobbyist employer/principal reporting and registration issues
  • providing lobbyists and lobbyist employer/principals with monthly reporting deadline compliance

Our Clients

Clients of the firm primarily include corporations and organizations with a lobbying presence in multiple states as well as those businesses affected by federal laws to such a degree that federal lobbying in Washington D.C. is necessary. Our clients include a nationally recognized health services corporation and a global provider of web-based critical health and wellness information.

Contact Us

For more information on our multi-state and federal lobbyist compliance services, please contact Tony Fiore.