Columbus, Ohio

Knowledge of the law is only a small part of our construction partnerships- we seek not only to understand our clients' legal objectives and bottom lines, but also to gain valuable insights into that client’s mission, corporate culture, and organizational principles. In the course of our long-time relationship with Capital City Group, this process began years before our legal relationship was ever formed.

Industry Partners

There is no more solid foundation for a successful business partnership than one that is created while working together passionately to achieve a common goal. In the early 1990s, Don Gregory, chair of Kegler Brown’s Construction Law practice, and Chet Gibson, who would later become the founder of Capital City Group Inc., worked together to advocate for the rights of subcontractors in Ohio. They collaborated through their respective work with the American Subcontractors Association (an organization for which our firm serves as general counsel) and achieved the passage of Ohio's Prompt Payment Act, which is widely regarded as a landmark piece of construction law legislation in Ohio. This law mandates timely payment to subcontractors and suppliers and would serve as model legislation for other states across the country. This accomplishment would constitute the foundation of the relationship between our organizations and mark the first of many successful endeavors together.

A Relationship Founded on Trust

When Gibson decided to start a business, he knew it was important to find a legal advisor that would share his values, mission and passion for the industry. After working with our firm so closely through the ASA, Chet was positive that he could trust Kegler Brown to help him navigate the complex process. For nearly 25 years, our firm has worked closely with the family in all legal aspects involved in the creation of the company, the protection of its assets, the management of its disputes, the formation of its subsequent divisions, and implementation of its other strategic priorities, including its long-term succession planning.

Reaching New Heights

From the company’s founding in 1994 through its seamless transition to a new generation of leadership (spearheaded by current president Brian Gibson), Kegler Brown has managed all of Capital City Group’s legal needs. As the business expands in fleet size and geographic footprint, our construction lawyers continue to offer full-service legal counsel for all of its growing needs.