Successful Representation of Workers Permanently Injured by Propane Gas Explosion

Luis Alcalde and Tim Tullis represented three non-English-speaking Mexican migrant workers injured in Ohio and the spouse of another who was living in Mexico. The three injured workers were severely and permanently injured and disfigured when a propane gas explosion occurred during the construction of a commercial agricultural building. After a lawsuit alleging negligence, unsafe workplace, and products liability was filed, Mr. Alcalde and Mr. Tullis implemented and executed an extremely aggressive discovery and trial schedule. Approximately 40 fact and expert depositions were taken during an 18-month period. This was a complex case given that, at one point, there were more than 15 parties and approximately 30 different lawyers in the case. Additionally, several key depositions required the use of Spanish-speaking translators, which added to the complexity of the case. Shortly before the scheduled trial date, the litigation was settled under a confidentiality agreement. The Spanish-speaking abilities and Latino cultural competence of Mr. Alcalde combined with the decades-long complex trial and tort litigation experience of Mr. Alcalde and Mr. Tullis were instrumental in reaching an outcome to our clients’ complete satisfaction.

Efrain Jimenez-Lopez v. Farmer Boy AG, Inc., et. al., Court of Common Pleas Fayette County, Ohio, Case No. CVH 20200234