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Hazed & Confused: The Impacts and Implications of Legalized Marijuana

Greater Cincinnati Human Resources Association “Connect and Learn” Event

This presentation discusses the legal implications and business impact that legalized marijuana has had across the United States and would have in Ohio if such a law was enacted. Topics covered included the national and international footprint of legalized marijuana, a history of its legalization, the current legislative landscape for states considering legalization, an overview of the stance of each presidential candidate on the issue, and the steps the Ohio legislature has been taking to research and understand the perspectives of voters across the state.

There was also an in-depth discussion about what legalization of medical or recreational marijuana would mean for Ohio employers and HR managers, including the new employee protections and accommodations that would likely change long-held workplace policies and create financial and administrative burdens on businesses.

Tony Fiore, an HR advocate and attorney-lobbyist at Kegler Brown, presented this program on March 10, 2016, to the Greater Cincinnati Human Resources Association.

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