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On November 19, 2015, the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District met with Midge McCauley and local real estate developers, brokers, attorneys and business owners for a round table discussion on how to revitalize downtown Columbus.

McCauley, a national retail expert, recommended a plan of action where property owners and landlords work together with potential tenants in creative ways to help bring a diverse and rich mix to our downtown. Attendees voiced their concerns and each had a common theme; downtown Columbus needs to improve its local traffic beyond workweek hours, vary its restaurant and retail selection and focus on becoming an area where local business owners have an opportunity to invest in the growth of downtown.

McCauley referenced the successful programs that were implemented in Nashville and Austin, where initial efforts by brokers and landlords extended to more than 600 potential tenants, resulting in 100-200 responses, followed by dozens of on-site visits. Ultimately, a variety of tenants moved in, ready and willing to be at the forefront of downtown revitalization. Each of these cities started in a similar position as us here in Columbus and have eventually grown to be bustling downtowns.

Although this method may not be the exact plan we need to implement in order to generate interest and spark the growth of downtown Columbus, the luncheon was a successful starting point in gathering various local professionals together to discuss our own plan of action to revitalize downtown Columbus. 

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