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City Council hears from both sides regarding Casey’s issue

Times Bulletin

After the Van Wert City Council heard both sides of a dispute regarding a Zoning Board of Appeals decision to allow a general store to place a gas station at the corner of a local street, the Times Bulletin spoke to Catherine Cunningham, who was representing the general store.

From the article:

“Based on all the information that came before them and the standards of [the city’s] code, they did approve, unanimously, the conditional use permit for this service station... Actually Casey’s did not ask for any variances or special exceptions from the code. They were going to meet every single development standard that applied to that lot in terms of setbacks, lot coverage, landscaping, lighting, signage. Everything complied with the code. The only question was, ‘should this use be permitted at this location under the standards provided under the conditional use permit.’ As it is shown from the record, that was established and it was unanimously approved by the BZA.”

Read the rest of the article here.

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