Workplace investigations require experienced counsel who bring sensitivity, good judgment, exceptional responsiveness, and a strategic mindset to each investigation. Thorough and effective workplace investigations are critical for employers who face allegations of potential wrongdoing, and properly conducting an investigation can impact legal exposure, business operations, company reputation and employee morale.

Our workplace investigators are skilled in conducting and managing workplace investigations relating to allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, violation of workplace rules and policies, and financial misconduct.

Our Services

  • Preliminary investigations: assist clients in identifying whether a workplace investigation is warranted
  • Formal investigations: plan and conduct impartial investigations of alleged workplace misconduct
  • Reporting: provide written reports containing fact-finding results, which aid in effective and informed decision-making
  • Media coordination: collaborate with in-house and contracted PR professionals to coordinate public messaging and media strategy
  • Training: provide training related to workplace investigations and best practices for interacting with investigators and managing investigations

Our Clients

Our clients are typically employers and their counsel, who want independent and seasoned professionals to investigate and review misconduct allegations, ranging from small- and medium-sized businesses investigating sexual harassment allegations to multinational corporations investigating alleged wrongdoing with intense media scrutiny.

  • Employers: We regularly conduct investigations of allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, safety and other workplace rule violations, and financial misconduct by business executives, plant managers, supervisors and other employees and constituents.
  • Employees: We are engaged by employees against whom allegations of misconduct have been made. Notable representations include advising employees accused of sexual harassment and others subjected to allegations of scientific research misconduct.
  • Institutions, nonprofits + foundations: We review and report on board member and donor contributions, behavior and influence, as well as institutional compliance with internal policies, regulatory guidance and best practices.

Contact Us

For more information on our workplace investigations services, please contact Loriann E. Fuhrer.