Case Studies

Exchange of Real Property Between U.S. Army and Private Industrial Park

Kegler Brown acted as counsel to a privately owned industrial park to acquire adjoining land from the U.S. Army through a federal exchange program in which the private party obligates itself to construct a facility at another government-owned facility and then exchanges the new facility for the property it actually desired to acquire, namely the adjoining U.S. Army-owned land. Our firm was integral to the negotiations, including navigating through the maze of government requirements for the exchange that included approval of Congress.

Comprehensive Legislative Victory Achieved for National Telecommunications Provider

The Kegler Brown government affairs team began working with a large telecommunications provider to enact legislation that would take a significant administrative burden off the client regarding the collection and remittance of certain fees within Ohio. While working with legislative leaders on a solution to the first issue, a second issue arose that required us to work with state administrative agency officials to develop a solution. Both problems would have resulted in a significant cost in both time and resources to the company, but we were able to formulate a legislative solution that resulted in one of the largest victories, if not the largest, for the client across the United States.

Uniting a New Organization Around Common Policy Objectives

A disparate group of salon owners created an association believing that the legislative and regulatory environment for beauty-related industries is overly burdensome. The team at Kegler Brown worked with an organization that our firm helped to create -- the Ohio Salon Association -- to get its members to agree to a common set of policy goals and objectives. A Public Policy Agenda was written and was shared with legislators and regulators and an action plan to advocate these changes was prepared and implemented.

The Power of a Comma

Our client, Insurance Auto Auctions, had customers that were complaining that language in the law involving abandoned vehicles was ambiguous and could create a compliance trap for those seeking to dispose of vehicles in their possession that had been abandoned by their owners. The Kegler Brown government affairs team identified a legislative drafting solution and crafted an amendment that entailed the removal of a single comma from the law. Within 24 hours of drafting the solution, a fast moving bill was identified and a sponsor was recruited to offer the corrective amendment to the bill. Within 30 days, the bill and amendment were passed by the Ohio General Assembly and supported by the governor.

Fast-Track Interchange for Clermont County TID

Because of the fiscal impact of the recent recession, the Ohio Department of Transportation was forced to delay the vast majority of transportation construction projects in the state. Our client’s interchange was among those that were scheduled to be delayed for many years. Conferring with our client’s engineering and funding experts, we were able to devise a way to phase-in the job-creating project so that it would be less costly; other funding sources were also identified. We convinced the Ohio Department of Transportation to agree to these changes so that the interchange project was started earlier than originally scheduled – rather than being delayed.

Formulating a Legislative Action Plan for MORPC

Our client had a lengthy and well-developed Public Policy Agenda that set forth all of the long-term policy goals and positions of the organization. However, there were no clear action steps for the organization’s government affairs team to follow to pursue these goals. Kegler Brown convened the senior leadership of the organization and facilitated a visioning session where participants articulated their long-term hopes and dreams for the organization and then identified those steps that the organization’s lobbyists could take in the next year to move closer to these goals. As a result, the lobbyist team at Kegler Brown has developed a succinct, actionable “to-do” list that is tightly tied into the organization’s long-term goals and is being implemented.