Global Commercial Vehicle / Automotive Market

For decades, our firm has been working with automotive industry leaders, including OEMs, Tier 1, 2 and 3 supply chain businesses, global retail automobile manufacturers, and multinational commercial component suppliers. In this sector, Martijn’s experience is exceptionally broad and includes negotiating supply chain agreements and leading transactions of all kinds from China to India, from Brazil to Australia, and throughout the EU and North America.

He also remains on the cutting edge of industry developments in autonomous driving as it relates to both retailers and the innovative companies engineering the evolution of the automotive market.

Project Leadership + Teambuilding

Clients in the global commercial vehicle and automotive sectors look to Martijn to help build and lead cross-border teams because of his project-centric approach to teambuilding and collaboration. He maintains a vast network of law firms and lawyers globally who have represented industry leaders throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada and around the world, including partnering with Tier One suppliers to establish assembly plants to supply major automotive, motorcycle and commercial vehicle retailers, such as Ford, Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Daimler Trucks N.A., Volvo, Navistar, and Harley-Davidson, and advising the international parent companies, as well.

These teams manage issues for clients related to tax and regulatory challenges, intellectual property strategy, commercial disputes, financing issues, collections matters, corporate transactions and in all forms of business combination and divestiture, including navigating the related antitrust guidelines.

Client Partnerships

Martijn’s experience in this industry is highlighted by his long-time partnership with Commercial Vehicle Group, Inc., a publicly traded manufacturer of innovative component systems for the commercial vehicle and heavy equipment markets. Learn more about our collaborative relationship.

Other clients in the industry include most prominently:

  • A major German-based multinational corporation focusing on R&D and manufacturing in the consumer automotive sector with substantial operations in North America
  • A U.S.-based manufacturer of lining systems and sideskirts for the trailer and truck body industry
  • An aftermarket remanufacturer of products for on- and off-highway power systems based in the Midwestern U.S.