Case Studies

Interstate Guardianship Transfer

Kegler Brown acted as counsel in assisting a foreign guardian in the relocation of an elderly family member from another state to Ohio. Our lawyers successfully negotiated jurisdictional release issues in order to facilitate seamless relations to the state.

Represented Corporate Trustee in Challenge to Trust Agreement

In this case, the decedent had executed various amendments to her trust over the years. Upon her death, a family member challenged the most recent amendment bequeathing real estate and other items to another specific family member. As counsel, Kegler Brown advised the trustee as to its various fiduciary obligations and undertook defense of the trust agreement. Ultimately, the plaintiffs dismissed their challenge prior to trial.

Representation of Spouse Regarding Buy-Sell Agreement Without a Will

Kegler Brown served as counsel for a spouse whose husband passed without a will and whose business was subject to a buy-sell agreement. In serving a role as administrator of the estate, our attorneys identified estate assets and coordinated the preparation and filing of income and estate tax returns. The firm also represented the client in negotiations related to company valuation and implementation of the existing buy-sell agreement. This representation resulted in a timely distribution of funds pursuant to Ohio statute of descent and distribution.

Estate Administration for Family of Deceased Business Owner

The attorneys at Kegler Brown advised the family of a high-net-worth individual in various probate administration and estate tax issues, which arose as a result of decedent’s passing. We successfully defended a federal estate tax return on audit by IRS; the estate involved multiple business entities with complex valuations.