What We’re Reading: “U.S. Remains Top Overseas Education Destination”

Kegler Brown Global Business News

Revealing that the United States (U.S.) is the most preferred destination for international study, this article reminds us that Australia, Canada and New Zealand are not far behind. The United Kingdom has seen a drop in students who are pursuing overseas education due to the removal of post-study work permits.

India is the second-leading source of students for the U.S., following China. Sources contribute this to the fact that, with fewer job opportunities in Europe, the U.S. has maintained student interest since the economy has revived from the recession.

Even with new regulations set to take place in Canada in early June that will benefit international students, Australia's laidback visa rules and higher opportunities for possible residency available after completing schooling in New Zealand, the U.S. is still able to maintain the top spot as an international study destination.

This article showcases that the business model of having recruitment offices in India by U.S. universities indeed translates into recruitment success. These international students pay their education in full with no funding and scholarships granted by a U.S. university, which enhances the economic bottom line of a university located in the States.