What We’re Reading: “The Chilean Winter and Return of Student Activism”

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“The Chilean Winter and Return of Student Activism” | OilPrice.com

This article on Chile discusses something I have been following for more than a month with an increasing fascination with what is considered to be the model (per U.S./European standards) for a Latin American democracy. For over a month, thousands of students have been protesting in the streets of Santiago for free education through college. At times, there have been large clashes with police, water tanks and police dogs. The government has tried a number of tactics to quell the protests to no avail. The student protesters have been joined by faculty and have been gaining support. Yesterday, the public and transportation unions joined, called for and appear to be implementing the first 48-hour general strike since the Pinochet era. This is a point to keep watching because as the very pro-business Chilean government warns, the economy could suffer losses of $400 million with the strike. Nevertheless, something has touched a nerve in Chile and we may be seeing the start of a more leftist movement in the country.