U.S. – Europe Relations: Trade & The Refugee Crisis

Columbus Council on World Affairs

Martijn, joined by Mr. Klaas van der Tempel who serves as the Consul General of the Netherlands, spoke at a signature luncheon hosted by Columbus Council on World Affairs.

Program Description: The U.S. and EU combine to represent 50% of the world’s GDP. Yet, no trade deal exists between them. Why? Diplomats from both sides of the Atlantic remain in negotiation on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The main goal of TTIP is to cut tariff and regulatory barriers to trade, the implications of which will impact business in America’s heartland. However, more than 2 million people in Europe have signed an online petition opposing the proposed agreement.

Additionally, U.S. and EU are currently facing the most significant refugee crisis of our generation currently stemming from Syria but with roots in Ukraine last year. The impact of the conflicts in these two countries have been felt throughout the U.S. and Europe.