The Winds are Changing in Favor of New Approaches to Cuba

Kegler Brown Global Business News

This month the European Union is set to launch talks with Cuba to increase trade, investment and dialogue on human rights. In the U.S., wealthy and influential Cuban Americans, who have long supported only hard-line Cuba polices, are ready to consider new approaches that are clearly in the long-term interest of the U.S.

As one is quoted in the Washington Post article, "The [Cuban] embargo is really an embargo against America ourselves. Because Americans cannot do business with Cuba, where there are incredible opportunities for growth."

Another is quoted in the same article stating the obvious: "You can influence Cuba’s future much more by participating in Cuba’s future than by staying away."

Hopefully these changing winds will motivate more Americans, especially those in Congress, to start considering the long-term economic and strategic interest of their constituents, and move away from the pro-Cuba embargo lobby, a lobby clearly in its last days. For Ohio and Ohio companies, getting rid of the Cuban embargo will open a new market for our products and services.

Reuters also carries the story.