Ohio Legal Ethics: Your Quarterly Roundup

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With the abundance of news and continuous information cycling every day, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings relevant to Ohio's lawyers, judges and law students. That's why we've created Ohio Legal Ethics, a platform for sharing information, news items, legal updates and best practices that matter to you. So from Chris Cicero’s latest misstep to the most offensive jury form a Pennsylvania judge has ever seen, our Ohio Legal Ethics team is pleased to share with you the five most popular news items from the year thus far.

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1. Delaware County Magistrate Accused of Off-Color Misconduct

The allegations arise from a 2006 case in which a woman sought to have her ex-husband held in contempt for violating a divorce agreement not to share intimate images. The complaint accuses Stephen E. Weithman, a 64-year-old common pleas magistrate, of displaying "unethical, undignified and discourteous behavior."

2. More Trouble for Chris Cicero (aka the Ohio State Tipster)

During the same time that his well-publicized disciplinary case for disclosing confidential communications of a prospective client to Coach Tressel was still pending, Ohio attorney Christopher Cicero finds himself defending yet another disciplinary case. 

3. Indefinite Suspension for Former Weston Hurd Managing Partner

After a 3-day hearing, the Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline has recommended an indefinite suspension for Scott C. Smith, the former managing partner at Weston Hurd.

4. F-Bombs + Abortion Among Reasons Jury Form Was Most "Intentionally Disrespectful" Judge Has Ever Seen

A Pennsylvania judge cited 25-year-old Tina Keller and 23-year-old Drayke Jacobs-Van-Tol for sending back a jury questionnaire filled with profanity, crude language and racial slurs.

5. Trust Accounts Basics: What Belongs in Your IOLTA?

Lawyers are required to keep certain funds and property separate from their own. Rule 1.15 lays out the requirements, but here are some highlights each practitioner needs to be cognizant of.

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