Ohio Foreign Investment Reporting Requirements

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ยง 5301.254. Nonresident alien acquiring certain interests in real property or minerals to file information with secretary of state

I. To whom does the statute apply?

  • nonresident alien individuals
  • businesses where 10% or more of the ownership is held by a single foreign individual or entity
  • businesses where 40% or more of the ownership is held by any number of foreign individuals or entities

II. To what land interests does the statute apply?

  • is in excess of three acres
  • has a market value greater than $100,000
  • is a mineral interest
  • is a mining interest with a market value greater than $50,000

III. How does the foreign entity comply with the statute?

  • the foreign entity must file a report within 30 days of the acquisition or any change in the holding
  • the report must be filed with the Ohio secretary of state
  • the entity must pay a filing fee of $5.00 for individuals and $25.00 for businesses.

IV. The information in the report includes

  • name and contact information of the person or entity who holds the interest
  • country of citizenship
  • location and amount of acreage of the real property
  • intended use of the property
  • business about the business entity