New ConsensusDOCS on the Way

Kegler Brown Construction Newsletter

“Green building” has increasingly been the subject of much discussion and has dramatically increased in market share. That trend is expected to continue, but despite the unique aspects of green building, there was no model contract document addressing the unique issues associated with this type of construction. That void will soon be filled through the issuance of a Green Building Addenda by ConsensusDOCS, an umbrella organization consisting of more than two (2) dozen endorsing construction trade associations. The Addenda will be able to be utilized in conjunction with contract documents at all tiers on a green building project.

Subcontracting has become increasingly specialized and it has become more and more common for subcontractors to subcontract with sub-subcontractors “downstream” in the “construction food chain.” However, a readily available sub-subcontract form did not exist and many subcontractors simply “customized” subcontracts to serve as sub-subcontracts or just used purchase orders to memorialize these arrangements. Now ConsensusDOCS has prepared a Sub-subcontract form (no. 725) that specifically addresses the relationship in an equitable manner. By properly using this sub-subcontract form, both subcontractors and their sub-subcontractors may better memorialize their respective contract rights and responsibilities without confusion.

Don Gregory will be presenting a national webinar on the new Sub-subcontract for ConsensusDOCS on August 5, 2009, and is serving on the task force drafting the ConsensusDOCS Green Building Addenda.