If You Have Employees in Florida, Minnesota or New Jersey – Read This

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Each of these three states have recently increased the minimum wage that must be paid to employees. The federal minimum wage level is $5.15 per hour. However, that is a minimum and states are permitted to set their own higher (but not lower) minimum wage levels.

Florida – The new minimum wage level is $6.15 per hour, which will be recalculated each year based upon the Consumer Price Index.

Minnesota – Effective August 1, 2005, the minimum wage in Minnesota will be $6.15 per hour for "large employers" (i.e., those with annual gross volume of $500,000 or more). The minimum wage for “small employers” will be $5.25 per hour.

New Jersey – Effective October 1, 2005, the minimum wage in New Jersey will be $6.15 per hour. It will increase again, a year later, to $7.15 per hour.

If you employ minimum wage workers in these states, be sure that you comply with the new wage requirements.