FuturePlan: Template for Succession Plan

Ohio State Bar Association's All-Ohio Legal Forum

The Ohio State Bar Association’s annual “All-Ohio Legal Forum” was held last week in Cincinnati and featured excellent panels and presentations on many of the topics that are most important for Ohio lawyers, including an extended symposium on race and its impact on the profession and a “FuturePlan” series of presentations that shines a spotlight on the future of the legal industry.

Kegler Brown’s ethics chair, Jon Coughlan, served on a panel discussing the importance of having in place written plans and policies, including the ethical and practical implications for lawyers, with respect to the sale of a practice, retirement, prolonged absence and other events that impact clients.

We’d also like to congratulate retired attorney Bruce Campbell on being selected for the prestigious Eugene Weir Award for Ethics and Professionalism, which was presented at the event. Our own Geoffrey Stern received the honor last year.