Forging Your Own Path to Opportunities

Women for Economic and Leadership Development (WELD Ohio) Emerging Professionals’ Series

Speaking to an attentive crowd, Stephanie Union gave this well-received presentation to WELD on August 8 as part of their Emerging Professionals’ Series. As the 2016 WELD Woman WELDing the Way Honoree, Stephanie gave insight to developing professionals on how to create opportunities for growth and development within their career, supplying attendees with proven methods for navigating the delicate waters of searching for their next opportunity while being employed.

Utilizing inspirational quotes and examples in a presentation meant to motivate her audience, Stephanie explained types of risks, reviewed lessons learned, and went through 7 habits that make great opportunities happen. Along with going through a list of 5 ways to overcome fear, Stephanie encouraged her audience to “Find and use your 20 seconds of courage!” and concluded with a call to be on the lookout for opportunity and then to take it.