Division of Liquor Control Offers $500 Rebates to Permit Holders

Smart Summary

  • Ohio bars + restaurants are set to re-open beginning on May 15.
  • Eligible liquor permit holders can receive a $500 rebate per permitted location on the purchase of high-proof spirituous liquor.
  • Permit holders must register in advance and will receive the rebate at the point of sale. 

Last week, Governor Mike DeWine authorized the re-opening of the state’s bar and restaurant industry under certain mandatory conditions, which include:

  • Checking employees daily for symptoms;
  • Requiring employees to wear face masks (with a few exceptions);
  • Separating tables by either 6 feet or physical barriers;
  • Closing self-serve areas, such as buffets; and
  • Closing common areas such as dance floors, video games and pinball machines, and pool tables.

In an effort to help alleviate the costs of reopening, the Division of Liquor Control has just announced a once-per-permitted-location liquor rebate program for certain permit types. Eligible permit holders can receive a $500 rebate to purchase high-proof spirituous liquor at their assigned wholesale Contract Liquor Agency.

Eligible permits include:

A1A D3 D3A D4 D4A D5 D5A D5B
D5K D5L D5M D5N D5O D7

How to Secure Your Refund

The process works like this for eligible permit holders:

  1. Register with the Division here.
  2. The State notifies you when the rebate is active.
  3. Place your order like usual.
  4. Notify your assigned wholesale agency that you would like to use your one-time rebate.
  5. The Agency instantly applies your rebate at the point of sale.

The rebate is only good for the purchase of high-proof spirituous liquor. Eligible permit holders with multiple permitted locations can receive a separate rebate for each location provided they register each permit for the rebate.

To qualify, a permit holder must be in good standing with the Division as of March 17, 2020.

Attorney Robert Dove works closely with bars, restaurants, and other consumer-focused businesses in leveraging and protecting their liquor permits. He is also a key member of the firm’s Ohio Restaurant Association legal team, providing counsel to clients throughout the hospitality industry supply chain.